posted 1 year ago
Happy New Years!!!

2012: It wasn’t the greatest year for me…. More like the worst year I’ve had in years. Alot of things went down hill for me financially, mentally and Physically. I had to deal with alot of stress from people i really didn’t need stress from and other things that i really don’t want to say on the internet. Which has prevented me from really finishing anything digital wise. The only good thing about this year I’ve Learned alot of things from my classes and I think my artwork has benefited from it. I feel I can draw better then i used too with better anatomy and emotion. I’ve also Been working on Script and story board for horrorville while slowly collecting voice actors.

2013: My Hopes/goals….

  • I wanna keep improving in my artwork,
  • start some real animations and comic stuff,
  • Finish those art trades (they are half colored),
  • Keep my stress levels down, Get into OTIS art school,
  • get an internship with a animation studio or game company (working my way into the professional field),
  • doing more sculptures and probably some cool as jewelry,
  • Work on Coloring/shading/lighting (Seems to be not as strong as i would like it to be),
  • Lastly Stop being a shy person hiding in her bubble and get out it and make more friends.